DomuSpect - inventory reports for landlords

Free inventory reports !

Digital inventory report for moving in and out of rental housing.
Are you a landlord, inventory clerk, housing administrator or inspector ?
Do you need to get everything documented fast and reliable in order to avoid misunderstandings and claims from the tenant ?
Using DomuSpect will ensure your inventory reports are detailed and well documented.
The smart checklist will guide you through the inspection - adding photos to the report is fast and easy.
Flyttesyn med DomuSpect

DomuSpect coming to the UK

DomuSpect is developed for the Danish rental market, with one of the most rigorous and complex legislations in the world. DomuSpect is developed in association with lawyers to ensure the highest level of compliance to current rules and regulations in Denmark. During the next couple of months DomuSpect will be available to landlords, inventory clerks and letting companies in the UK

DomuSpect UK version will be released shortly !

Be the first to know and get the heads up as soon as DomuSpect is available in your country - submit the form on the right and we will update you asap about the release date - and we promise we wont annoy you with loads of irritating emails with gibberish and marketing lingo :-)

It is only a very short wait, and then you will be able to make inventory reports with DomuSpect whenever your tenant moves in or out of your rental property.

But why not try it right now ?

We are hard at work getting the UK version ready for you. If you want to try DomuSpect already now, please do so and we will be happy to help - go to the download link above and try it out.

If you want more info or just want an email when the UK version is ready, please fill in the form on the right, and we'll be back with more info shortly.

You might be asking yourself, "how can they offer free digital inventory reports" ? Well, that's pretty simple. Head over to our pricing page and take a look at the many professional extras you can get with a subscription plan. Inventory reports are free, because we think you will love our app and probably will want some of the professional features. 

Don't want to subscribe, but need some of the professional features ? No problem, contact us and we will find a solution that works for you.

The Inventory process

Fast and secure with DomuSpect

An inventory report contains all the information about the property that a landlord is renting to the tenant. The inventory report can be made when moving in and when moving out of the property.

It is strongly recommended to make an inventory when moving in, so that both parties, landlord and tenant, have documentation of the "before and after" status of the property.

An inventory report can be used as documentary evidence of the condition of a property. It is very important to include photos and to have a detailed description of the property.  

Fortunately this somewhat cumbersome process is fast and easy with DomuSpect - inventory reports for landlords. With the smart checklist you are ensured to go through the entire property so that you won't forget anything.

Photo documentation & Checklist

To ensure that everything is well documented you should always include photo documentation in your inventory reports. DomuSpect will guide you though the process with an easy to follow checklist that ensures you won't forget anything and that you include photos when relevant.

Developed for landlords

DomuSpect is developed for landlords and inventory clerks. If you are managing property for other landlords DomuSpect is the perfect tool for making inventory reports. We have administrators, inventory clerks, painters, carpenters, letting companies and janitors among our happy users. 

IOS & Android

DomuSpect is avaiable for both iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Maybe you're a letting company with several inventory clerks using different devices ?, No problem, you can easily work across devices, prepare inventory reports at the office, and continue the report at the property.

Save time

When you are finished going through the property, DomuSpect makes a final inventory pdf report including fotos and signatures. Send the inventory report to the tenant, back home to the office or even to the carpenters and cleaners.


What does an Inventory Report look like ?

Take a look at the inventory report below - you can use the pdf navigation to see all the pages - just move you mouse to the report and you'll see it.

This is an example of a moving in inventory report done at IOspect HQ - we hope you like it :-) 

See anything missing for the UK ? Let us know, give us a buzz on phone or use our chat window - thanks a lot for helping us getting DomuSpect perfect for the UK :-)

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